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Your bank will usually have several options for international transfers, such as e-banking or filling in an internation transfer form at the branch of your local bank. A third but more expensive option is sending a bank cheque. These are the account details that you need for an international transfer:

Our account number:
BIC /SWIFT of our bank:

Street and house number:
Postal code and city:


Global Basic Income Foundation
Muntweg 97
6532 TH Nijmegen
the Netherlands

Name and address of our bank:
ING Bank N.V. | PO Box 1800 | 1000 BV Amsterdam | The Netherlands

Costs of international transfers

Please take note that in international money transfers involve costs for the sender as well as the recipient. Our costs ar as follows:

  • An international money transfer from EU countries and some other European countries (belonging to the EER) is free of charge!
  • International transfers to our account from other countries: in addition to the costs you pay to your bank, we have to pay € 5,00 for receiving your contribution.
  • Bank cheque: the minimum costs we have to pay for cashing a bank cheque are € 12,30.

Because of these costs, the minimum amount for contributions is € 15,00 or $ 20,00. Of course, you also have the option to add these costs to your contributions.

For smaller or fast online contributions, please use PayPal.


You can transfer money with Paypal if you have a Paypal account or by using a credit card. If you have a credit card, you don't need a Paypal account to transfer money. Use one of the buttons below to pay via Paypal: the first button if you have a Paypal account, the second if you want to transfer your contribution by credit card.

Transferring money from other countries: general information

You can transfer money by filling out an International Money Transfer Form, which you can get from your bank or post office. To fill out the form, you need our IBAN number (=International Bank Account Number) and the BIC code (=Bank Identifier Code) of our bank, also called SWIFT code. In the US and other countries that don't use the IBAN number you additionally need the name and address of our bank.

Furthermore you sometimes have to indicate who pays the transfer costs by filling in a code: OUR, SHA or BEN. If you don't write down one of the codes, the costs will be shared.

OUR = Our cost: it means that you pay all the transfer costs
SHA = Shared cost: you pay part of the costs, we pay the other part
BEN = Beneficiary cost: we pay all the costs

European Union

If you live in a member country of the European Union, preferably use Eurogiro. Within the EU money can be transferred without extra costs via Eurogiro. You pay the same rate as with a domestic money transfer.

You can use Eurogiro as is indicated above in the general information: ask your bank or post office for an International Money Transfer Form. Fill out the form and send it to your bank.

In most EU countries you only need the IBAN number, the BIC/SWIFT code and the name and location of the beneficiary to complete the form:

Beneficiary name:
Global Basic Income Foundation
Nijmegen (Netherlands)

Countries outside the European Union

From countries outside the European Union preferably use Worldgiro. It works the same way as Eurogiro, but you can also transfer money in other currencies than Euros and there are extra transfer costs.

This is how it works: ask your bank or post office for an International Money Transfer Form. Fill out the form and send it to your bank. Don't forget to write down our IBAN number (NL91INGB0008981358) and the BIC/SWIFT code of our bank (PSTBNL 21).

If the IBAN number isn't used by banks in your country, write down the name and address of our bank instead: Postbank NV Foreign Operations, PO Box 1800, 1000 BV Amsterdam. (Usually "Postbank, Amsterdam" will be sufficient.)

See above for more information about filling out an International Money Transfer Form.

Ask your bank how much they charge for Worldgiro. If you donate a small amount, use the OUR or SHA code for paying or sharing the transfer costs.

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